Interior Painting

Paint colors give you the opportunity to personalize your home and synchronize the different elements within your living space, while shielding your investment from wear and the elements. However, far too often proper surface prep is overlooked leading to disappointing results later on. Our experienced staff take all necessary precautions to ensure that all surfaces are truly ready for interior painting before jumping in, including scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming where needed. Only the highest quality products are used.

  • Wash all areas that may cause adhesion problems.
  • Caulk and putty where ever necessary.
  • Perform minor drywall repairs.
  • Prime bare wood, drywall and stains.
  • Mask and protect floors, furniture and belongings.
  • Scrape and sand as necessary.
  • Apply top quality interior paint.
  • We also remove wallpaper.
  • We also texture walls & ceilings.


We paint your house with the highest quality paints and coatings. We use only the highest quality brand of interior paint, with proven effectiveness against sun and chipping and peeling. We give attention to detail, giving you a quality, professional job that you deserve. We protect your valuable non- painted surfaces, your carpet, flooring and furniture.


before interior painting
after interior painting